I love to draw and I am pretty good but I dont quite get the whole computer art thing. I just cant do it on the PC. I Hope you like what little iI have to offer! Thankx
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March 30, 2009 by RobJK
My serial number is expired for my object desktop ultimate and i had to get a new hard drive and cant instal my object desktop stuff now?
May 19, 2008 by RobJK
Icon explor is no in impulse or in stardock cen. Not listed under object desktop. Iti is installed on my pc but if i try to open it it will ask me to activate it. there is no separate serial number in it and under registrations it wil not show?
April 2, 2008 by RobJK
When I run A virus scan with AVG It reconises that The following Files Have been changed... Shell32 Wsock32 Kernell32 User32 Ntoskrnl32 I figure that this is the doing of certain Software that is part of object desktop,....But of course I want to be safe and make shure that it is object desktop and not a virus. Thank you.
March 24, 2008 by RobJK
I read the whole artical on the release of object desktop accually I read two but I cant either again? So my question is, is Dreams 2.0 part of object desktop ultamiate 2008 and will it appaer in the stardock central list under object desktop? The is Dreams there but it is the old one for vista ultamate and I have premium? I dont know if that makes a diffefrence but sd central says that dream is installed because i have 2.0 installed so i didnt try to install the old one and I figured i shouldnt...
March 24, 2008 by RobJK
I just got a new pc and i want to have object dektop on it. I would like to have it on both of my computers if possible. Someone in another post told me that it was possible. But how do I go about doing it. This new pc has vista but the old had xp does that matter? I would like to get it all done before 31st so that the update to object desktop ultamite will be done on this one only? Or Both it dont matter. This one is my main pc now. But the other I will use to download big files and let geusts...
March 14, 2008 by RobJK
For some reason right click menus are all showing there entried horizontally not veritcaly? No clue there? I have uninstalled and reinstalled still nothing?   Next question. I am gettin a new computer. It will have vista. Will I be able to transfer object desktop onto my new pc? And can I have it on both at once?
March 14, 2008 by RobJK
I was just wondering if anyone knew where i can go to find out what all the sounds that are available to customize mean. Like What CCselect and APPGP fault? I know most of them but I dont know what the rest are so I never apply sounds to those events? I dont even know if those events happen offten and I am missing out on an opportinity to have a even more complete sound package? Any Ideas Of how to find out. I know It varrys from user to user sometimes but just the ones entered by Windows.
March 6, 2008 by RobJK
I dont know what to do? Theme manager isnt including cursor fx only cursor xp? I dont have cursor xp installed. When I installed cursor fx it didnt uninstall cursor xp. And when i downloaded new cursors and opened them it opened the cursor fx editor? So  i would try to save as and install and it still dint work? I dont know so I uninstalled cursor xp and uninstalled fx and reinstalled cursor fx. Fixed it and i am telling you this becuase i am thinking it may be the reason in some way.... ju...
February 5, 2008 by RobJK
This Spot Is For  You!!!                       First Off I want to apologise to those whome seen I tryed to bail out! It Really wasnt Like that at ALL! First thing that Happened Was that my laptop was messing up badly. I had to reinstall windows which  didnt take very long and then install all my programs again Includeing Object Desktop. This didnt take very long. I also a...
January 10, 2008 by RobJK
I dont know how to use any of the software that comes with object desktop. But i think i can figure it out somehow. However I dont know how to find out how to use virtual desktops. I though that virtual desktops was able to have different windows blinds skins for each and custom icons for each desktop. The onlything i can change is the wallpapers for each desktop? What is going on here?
January 5, 2008 by RobJK
When I first found that It was possible to change the entire look of you computer I EXSTATIC! There Are Absolutaly NO limits to What you can do to customize your desktop to your likeing useing programs such as Windowsblinds Icon Packager Sound Packager Desktop X. The List never ends. All the programs I just Listed Come With A price but there are some alternatives to these that are free. This Article is going to be helpfull if you dont know where to go (besides here Which Let me just say is one o...
December 27, 2007 by RobJK
I just thought i would put it out there that there is a fun an usefull program that, on mouse comand or hotkey will show the windows you have open on your pc in a 3d screen for easier selection. Its hard to exxplain how it looks exept to say that it shows all your windows stacked in a 3d way so that you can click on one and bring it foward to the front of your screen. Like in vista i guess. Anyway it is very usefull and fun expecialy when you are working with multiple windows and prjects on your...
December 24, 2007 by RobJK
How can you say that you only need 256 mb of ram for object desktop if logon studio needs 512mb thats false info and it could mess up someones computer. Thats wrong!